Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My 1st attempt at Vlogging

Topic of the day, 7 weird and illegal things that I have in my dorm room.
To fully enjoy this video, first you must;
1. Turn up the volume.
2. Dim the lights.
3. Ready a bucket beside you in case you got to puke. =)

I know its amateurish, but bear with me please...
Criticism is always welcomed, and tell me what do you have in your room.
BTW, I think I look good, didn't I? =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


They say if your body is stocky, wear dark clothes with light fabric/materials to make you look visually slimmer


They say if your body is skinny, wear whites and bright colours to make you look bigger.

So I wonder....

If we guys wear white and bright underwear, do our "package" would look larger?
and for you girls, does wearing bright bras making them look bigger?

after all, the bigger the better right?=p

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Hate Cockroaches!!!!

Ok the title pretty much says it all, I HATE COCKROACHES!!!! Why do I hate them so much? well, the story goes 10 years back.....*cue the music*

I was 10 years old, and was sleeping alone when I heard some noise under my bed, I ignored it then just went to sleep. Then the noise getting louder, and I felt something running on my back, under my shirt..... I ran a fast as I could to turn on the lights and open my shirt, it was a COCKROACH!!!! I was screaming on top of my lungs, in the middle of the night, and I'm was squirming trying to shake the feelings off, I was practically "dancing".

Pretty much like this... yeah...

So that is when I start to hate cockroaches. Cant stand the sight of them... ewwww....

Ok another story, on Sunday night, I went back to my room, and accidentally I stepped on a cockroach on the floor.( thank God I was wearing slippers!!!!) So I kick it and it ended up in front of my bathroom door.

Demon from hell disguised as a cockroach...

Ok, so today is Tuesday, as I went to the loo, the beast is still twitching its leg!!! OMG!! This thing just refuse to go back to hell!! No wonder they've been living on the earth since 4 million years ago. Scary stuff. If you want to hear me dancing and sreaming like a girl, pour a bucketload of cockroaches down my pants would be your best bet... Oh wait, now that you know that, I have to kill you..... =p

OK, now for some educational stuff about cockroaches...
Here are a few fascinating facts about cockroaches

* Crushed cockroaches when applied to a wound, can help ease the sting
-Now why would I do that??

* cockroaches have white blood

* Roaches primarily come out for water, not food

* Cockroaches can live a month without food, but only a week without water

* A roach can live a week without a head. It dies after a week due to lack of water
-so that why the roach I stepped on the other day wont die, or maybe its the devil itself trying to lure me into its furry little hands...

* A cockroach that has just shed it's skin is white and has black eyes. It takes 8 hours to reproduce the skin layer.

* Laboratory female roaches are able to reproduce without aid of a male. They produce all female offspring

* The largest roach in the world is the largest body, Macropanesthia rhinocerus from Australia weighing in at up to 50 grams.
- Thank God its in Aussie.

* Cockroaches thrive in all conditions and live in the desert as well as the arctic

* Most roaches have the ability to fly, but not all do.
- Now thats a nightmare...*shivers*

* Fried Cockroaches are common snacks in Cambodia, as are spiders and rats
- One word, WTF!! *ok 3 words, 1 word is not enough*

Cant you see the evil in his eyes? Its the Devil itself in disguise!! Run for your life!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

More on Rejang River

So this is a video taken by the local from Kapit Waft, which shows how bad the condition of Rejang River right now.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bakun Dam

I read the news today, something that I dont normally do... A particular news caught my attention.

Utusan Malaysia Online - Dalam Negeri

So Ive done some research on the Bakun Dam, and Ive found this link.


The same news, by different reporter. Since we have done an Environmental Impact Assessment Report for construction of the Bakun Dam, Im called to say something here. This particular river runs through where the Bakun dam is being constructed. To give you an idea of how big this project is, Bakun Dam project is constructed in an area as large as Singapore!! Thats fucking HUGE!! Think of the destruction it posses to the environment. The undiscovered species of fauna that we may destroyed, the soil erosion, the loss of natural resources, and God forbids, what if the dam broke by some freak accident? the whole Sibu area will be flooded! I search some more and found a couple of interesting articles.


This particular article reports on one of the critical impact of the Bakun Dam construction to the sosioeconomy of people living in the area. According to the article, 5 village longhouses have to be relocated to give way to the Dam. These people will lose their ancestors land, and the forest which is their source of food and income. What would you feel if you were chased away from your own home?


Whats worse, new dam projects are underway in Trengganu and Pahang right now. Then, then why should we construct undersea cable to the peninsular of Malaysia to supply electricity there?


Now they want to generate coal powered electricity?? Stupid assholes. Industrial countries stopped using coal as their source of power because they pollute the environment. What were they thinking?

Now come to think of it, $$MONEY$$ is what this what makes this sonofbiches blind. Im not saying that Im a green activist, and I like money too, but these guys should seriously consider what they have done. Although an Environmental Impact Assessment have to be done to before construction commences, sometimes the project doesnt even have to be approved. Where does this extra electricity goes? They sell it to other countries for more $$MONEY$$. And do the local that they chased away recieve it? My guess is no. The landslide that filled Sungai Rajang with wood debris is only the beginning. There are lots more to come.

Stop this. Enough is enough. Those forests that you cleared took million of years to grow.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A ramble about straight, gay and shemales

Ok now Im back. I havent been very active recently, maybe because Ive been sharing stuff in my facebook and not here. Well, I guess its time to be active again.

Well, I been thinking today, something about straight, gay guys and shemales. These sexual orientation stuff really got me thinking LOL.

Ok, we know that Gays like guys. Gay has its own category, some bottom, top, some flexi, some like twinks, mature, some like it hung, some even like shemales.

For those of you katak bawah tempurung out there, shemales refer to a person who physically a male but thinks he/she was born in the wrong body. These kind of person often cross dress and acts like a woman.

Straight are the norms, which comprimises the majority of the human population. If this norms cease to exist, babies wont be born and the entire human population will be wiped out. This norms are attracted to opposite sex. Guy girl and vice versa.

So, if a Gay is attracted to a shemale, technically the gay person is straight right?
if thats the case, then you bastards out there claiming yourself "straight", are GAY.

I rest my case.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Short Story 'The Swallow'

wow, its been about 3 months since Ive updated this blog.
Well, here it is, a story composed by me, to complete our project for English for Self Expression.
Ive always enjoy writing, especially in English, and am trying to improve myself day by day.
So here it goes, enjoy.

The Swallow
“Mommy mommy look what I have found!”

Ah, the sound of the angelic voice snapped me back to reality. Around the corner of my eye I see the silhouette of the angel who called me mommy. An active boy he was, always running around our wooden and attap house, discovering things old and new. As the angel approaches, he skipped and jumped on my lap. Feeling the weight of the 10 year old boy, I cuddle and peck him on the cheek. The soft brown eyes, slightly pout nose and his curly hair really resembles his loving father, who I have been missing dearly. Oh how I love my little angel, like the never ending flows of the river, it never fades.

“Mommy, see what I have found!”

He screams again, with his hands clasped tightly, never wanting to let go of whatever he has.

“Show mommy what it is.”

I ask, staring into the round brown eyes of the angel who sat on me. He then carefully releases his hand, to reveal the moving figure, which I could not recognize only till he completely moves his hand to show the small fragile creature to me.

“What kind of bird is this mommy?” He asked, always being the curious one.

I am no expert on birds, but years of toiling in the paddy field did teach me something other than backpain and suntanned skin which comes with it. I examine the beast carefully. It is still a chick, with no fur, and it’s eyes are still completely shut. From my experience the chick maybe about one to two days old.

“Its a baby swallow.” I announce.

The boy eyes gleamed up and I can see the sweet smile on his face. With full of hope, he asked me.

“Can we keep it? Please....” he begged.

I kept silence for a couple of minute, the boy, being persistent, just sit there waiting for my answer. We never have pets in the house. It is a struggle to feed just the two of us, let alone to feed a pet. We got our food from the jungle, or we just plant it in the little plot of land behind our house, next to the paddy field. Meat is a rare occasion, only when I managed to sell my vegetables in the local market, or with some luck, my little boy would go fishing in the small stream which I use to irrigate my paddy field and caught catfish which then will be cooked for dinner.

“Yes you can son, only if you promise me you would take care of it” I answered.

Without even answering me, he leaps for joy and kiss me.

“Thank you mommy, I love you.”

Words that touched my heart, because it comes from a 10 year old boy, who’s heart is pure and true.

Every morning before he went to school, he feed the baby swallow milk and seeds from the vegetation he collected. At school, he was always in the top 5 student, and always managed to bring home report cards which he then explained to me how good he was, considering that I am illiterate. My heart swells with pride, because my only son, the apple of my eye, is doing excellent in his studies.
And as soon as he came back to school, the first thing he do is visit his little Momo, as he named it. After a week or so, little Momo learned to walk, although a bit clumsy. It always tripped from the basket which was used to put him. My angel grew to be very fond of Momo, sometimes plays with it for hours.
But the happiness did not last long. In about 1 month or so, Momo begin to learn how to fly. When Momo flew through the window and disappeared, I saw my little angel tears welled up. He soon cried, knowing the little birdie would not come back.

“I’m sorry son. What that is good must come to an end.”

My son, despite his age, understood me, and started to wipe his tears and look me in the eyes.

“I’m sorry mommy, I promise you I won’t cry anymore.”

The touch of warm hand woke me up from my dream. I was sitting on the same balcony, reminiscing the time when my angel was still a mere 10 years old. Now stood before me is a full grown young man, tall, dark and handsome, a perfect clone of his father. My angel is now going to study under the government scholarship in Australia. Leaving me behind to take care of the house.

“Mommy, I’ll be leaving soon. Ill hope you be ok. If there is anything wrong, aunt Salmah is next-door if you need her”

“Ill be fine son.” I said, choking up my tears of sadness and sorrow.

My son, who has been very close to me, knew how my feelings for him. A love without any boundary, as vast as the water in the ocean, uncountable, and would never dries. We hugged, like we used to when he was small, but this time, it is the other way round. Years of toiling in the field has taken a toll on me. Back pain, rough skin, small cuts here and there has taken me back over the years. I was thinning, and weak. But for the sake of my son, I would never show my weakness. I must be strong, for my little angel.


The taxi arrived. Reluctantly I release my grip, letting my son to ready to pack his things in the car. About 20 minutes later he was ready to go. I could not hold on to my tears much longer. Streams of tears trickled down my check, although I tried so hard not to give in. My son, who knows the dilemma of letting him go is raging inside of me, hugged me one last time, and kiss my cheek before entered the cab.

“I won’t be long mommy, promise me you will make my favourite sambal when I get back”. He smiled, still keeping his promises over the years.

As I watch the taxi go, I have mixed feelings broiling up inside me, waiting to be released. Scared, angry, happy, lonely, sad, proud and the list could go on. Now I know what he must have felt when Momo flew away 12 years ago.
Now that my ‘swallow’ has left the nest, I must carry on, living the rest of my life without any remorse and regret, knowing that I have raised my ‘swallow’ well.

The End

Dedicated to my mum and all the mothers in the world. We Love You.