Thursday, October 7, 2010

A ramble about straight, gay and shemales

Ok now Im back. I havent been very active recently, maybe because Ive been sharing stuff in my facebook and not here. Well, I guess its time to be active again.

Well, I been thinking today, something about straight, gay guys and shemales. These sexual orientation stuff really got me thinking LOL.

Ok, we know that Gays like guys. Gay has its own category, some bottom, top, some flexi, some like twinks, mature, some like it hung, some even like shemales.

For those of you katak bawah tempurung out there, shemales refer to a person who physically a male but thinks he/she was born in the wrong body. These kind of person often cross dress and acts like a woman.

Straight are the norms, which comprimises the majority of the human population. If this norms cease to exist, babies wont be born and the entire human population will be wiped out. This norms are attracted to opposite sex. Guy girl and vice versa.

So, if a Gay is attracted to a shemale, technically the gay person is straight right?
if thats the case, then you bastards out there claiming yourself "straight", are GAY.

I rest my case.

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