Monday, October 11, 2010

I Hate Cockroaches!!!!

Ok the title pretty much says it all, I HATE COCKROACHES!!!! Why do I hate them so much? well, the story goes 10 years back.....*cue the music*

I was 10 years old, and was sleeping alone when I heard some noise under my bed, I ignored it then just went to sleep. Then the noise getting louder, and I felt something running on my back, under my shirt..... I ran a fast as I could to turn on the lights and open my shirt, it was a COCKROACH!!!! I was screaming on top of my lungs, in the middle of the night, and I'm was squirming trying to shake the feelings off, I was practically "dancing".

Pretty much like this... yeah...

So that is when I start to hate cockroaches. Cant stand the sight of them... ewwww....

Ok another story, on Sunday night, I went back to my room, and accidentally I stepped on a cockroach on the floor.( thank God I was wearing slippers!!!!) So I kick it and it ended up in front of my bathroom door.

Demon from hell disguised as a cockroach...

Ok, so today is Tuesday, as I went to the loo, the beast is still twitching its leg!!! OMG!! This thing just refuse to go back to hell!! No wonder they've been living on the earth since 4 million years ago. Scary stuff. If you want to hear me dancing and sreaming like a girl, pour a bucketload of cockroaches down my pants would be your best bet... Oh wait, now that you know that, I have to kill you..... =p

OK, now for some educational stuff about cockroaches...
Here are a few fascinating facts about cockroaches

* Crushed cockroaches when applied to a wound, can help ease the sting
-Now why would I do that??

* cockroaches have white blood

* Roaches primarily come out for water, not food

* Cockroaches can live a month without food, but only a week without water

* A roach can live a week without a head. It dies after a week due to lack of water
-so that why the roach I stepped on the other day wont die, or maybe its the devil itself trying to lure me into its furry little hands...

* A cockroach that has just shed it's skin is white and has black eyes. It takes 8 hours to reproduce the skin layer.

* Laboratory female roaches are able to reproduce without aid of a male. They produce all female offspring

* The largest roach in the world is the largest body, Macropanesthia rhinocerus from Australia weighing in at up to 50 grams.
- Thank God its in Aussie.

* Cockroaches thrive in all conditions and live in the desert as well as the arctic

* Most roaches have the ability to fly, but not all do.
- Now thats a nightmare...*shivers*

* Fried Cockroaches are common snacks in Cambodia, as are spiders and rats
- One word, WTF!! *ok 3 words, 1 word is not enough*

Cant you see the evil in his eyes? Its the Devil itself in disguise!! Run for your life!!


  1. hahaha!lucu naa kw tk takut ngn lepeh....lepeh jenis lain takut x kw?hoho

  2. gelik ku yen.....hahahaha... fobia bh...

  3. ee..gelik lepeh..dahla pndei terbang..huu