Friday, October 8, 2010

Bakun Dam

I read the news today, something that I dont normally do... A particular news caught my attention.

Utusan Malaysia Online - Dalam Negeri

So Ive done some research on the Bakun Dam, and Ive found this link.

The same news, by different reporter. Since we have done an Environmental Impact Assessment Report for construction of the Bakun Dam, Im called to say something here. This particular river runs through where the Bakun dam is being constructed. To give you an idea of how big this project is, Bakun Dam project is constructed in an area as large as Singapore!! Thats fucking HUGE!! Think of the destruction it posses to the environment. The undiscovered species of fauna that we may destroyed, the soil erosion, the loss of natural resources, and God forbids, what if the dam broke by some freak accident? the whole Sibu area will be flooded! I search some more and found a couple of interesting articles.

This particular article reports on one of the critical impact of the Bakun Dam construction to the sosioeconomy of people living in the area. According to the article, 5 village longhouses have to be relocated to give way to the Dam. These people will lose their ancestors land, and the forest which is their source of food and income. What would you feel if you were chased away from your own home?

Whats worse, new dam projects are underway in Trengganu and Pahang right now. Then, then why should we construct undersea cable to the peninsular of Malaysia to supply electricity there?

Now they want to generate coal powered electricity?? Stupid assholes. Industrial countries stopped using coal as their source of power because they pollute the environment. What were they thinking?

Now come to think of it, $$MONEY$$ is what this what makes this sonofbiches blind. Im not saying that Im a green activist, and I like money too, but these guys should seriously consider what they have done. Although an Environmental Impact Assessment have to be done to before construction commences, sometimes the project doesnt even have to be approved. Where does this extra electricity goes? They sell it to other countries for more $$MONEY$$. And do the local that they chased away recieve it? My guess is no. The landslide that filled Sungai Rajang with wood debris is only the beginning. There are lots more to come.

Stop this. Enough is enough. Those forests that you cleared took million of years to grow.

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